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(08/17) La Salle College welcomed the new Form 1 students in the annual Newcomers Day. The program included addresses by the Principal, Chairman of the Newcomers Day and the Vice Chairman of PTA, Music performances, Game, Video Show, Group Discussion, Campus Tour, Product Selling, Demonstrations and Board Exhibitions. ...photographs


Meanwhile, 10 students received Certificates of Appreciation from the Kowloon Central Cluster of hospitals. They completed the Summer Volunteer Project 2002. ...more.


(08/15) The 35th Joint School Science Exhibition 2002/08/14-20
The theme of the Exhibition was Sports - The Science behind.
24 schools entered the Final Round and LSC presented the The Omnipotent Wheel. ...more


(08/07) The Principal congratulated five boys who each scored 8 A's in the HKCEE, i.e. from left to right, Yau Kay Chung (5D), Tang Yan Ho (5E), Cheung Kent Hang (5F), Li Churk Fai (5C) and Yeung Kai Sing (5C). The total number of A's stayed above the four hundred level for three consecutive years, i.e. at 405.


(08/05) The 70th Anniversary Celebrations continued in North America as Bro. Thomas Lavin paid the Oversea Chapters of the OBA visits in late July. The photographs show the congratuation message in Ming Pao and one of the banquets held in honour of the Principal.
For details and updates, please check out the web sites: | Toronto Chapter | Vanouver Chapter | San Francisco Bay Area Chapter | South California Chapter |


(08/03) The Hong Kong Team came 24th in the 43rd International Mathematical Olympiad held in Glasgow from 19-30 July 2002. It's the biggest IMO ever, with teams of up to six students from each of 87 countries. The HK students captured 1 gold, 2 silvers and 2 bronzes. Cheng Kei Tsi Daniel (7C) from LSC, second from the left in the photograph, represented HK and captured a silver medal. This IMO is the World Championship Mathematics Competition for High School students and is held annually in a different country. IMO home page   LSC Math page

Photograph taken by South China Morning Post.

(07/31) The Form 4 Summer Consolidation Program had its Closing Ceremony today. Form 7 students coached Form 4 students on various subjects for a full month.


(07/23) Update on Beijing Putonghua study tour: Just received a group photograph. Mingled with the members was the Principal who took time off to join them in the last weekend of tours in the City. ...LSC tours page


(07/17) The SIP School sub-com met this afternoon. ...SIP page.
Meanwhile Ho Sze Long (6C) bagged another prize. ...awards page


(07/11) On the first day of the 2-day Form 1 Registration, over 80% registered with the School. Teachers, Office staff and over 40 parents from the PTA's worked together to welcome the new comers. The video show of the 70th Anniversary Concert entertained all in the Hall. ...Photographs


(07/10) It's the last school day before summer holidays. Students collected report cards and attended the assembly in two sessions: senior classes at 8 am and Junior classes at 9 am. There were prayers, hymns, speeches and distribution of certificates and awards, the Good Student Awards. ...complete name lists.


(07/08) The Principal and teachers bid farewell to Mrs. C.P.C. Chong, head of senior English panel, who resigned after 16 years' of service. She and her family will be re-located back to Singapore in the Summer. "Good Luck, Good Health, God bless you."


The other guest of honour was Mr. Ip Chi Ming who completed a 2-year contract with LSC. "Thank you. You are both members of the Lasallian Family."

Meanwhile, in the morning, the Form 1 Basketball team won the 4-school Invitation games in the Gymnasium today. ...photographs

(07/07) About 180 students, parents and teachers took part in the one-day outing organised by the PTA. The highlights were watching birds and visiting dolphins.


(07/05) In the HKAL, Form 7 students scored a total of 98 A's, 60% grade C or above and 96% pass. Master Chan Ernest Eason captured 5 A's in 5 A-levels, namely, Physics, Computer Studies, Pure Math, Applied Math and Economics.

At 5 p.m. the LSC Catholic Society held an Evangelization Gathering, with the theme Life is Beautiful in the School Hall. Over 100 students from LSC and other schools attended.

In the evening, Mr. Willian Yan and Mr. Wilfred Ng were re-elected as Chairman and Vice-chairman of the Old Boys Association for another session. Congratulations.


(07/04) Students taking part in the Summer England Language Tour attended a briefing session in the AVA room with their parents. This is the fourth year La Salle students have joined the 3-week (2002/07/17 - 2002/08/06) home-stay language course in Bromley, London. ...LSC tours page