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[2002/01/04] 70th Anniversary Celebrations in Toronto extract from Mr. K.B.Ng's e-mail:
It is now proposed (subject to investigation and putting things together) that we shall have:-

  • a formal reception and dinner at a hotel on July 27 (Sat).
  • a mass in the morning on July 28 either at De La Salle or as participants to the papal mass with the Pope (World Youth Day).
  • a family fun day with games and BBQ at De La Salle College (Toronto) on July 28 (Sun).
  • a souvenior book containing photos and/or articles about La Salle College and our Toronto chapter and advertisement.

[2002/01/09] Email from: Mr. Peter Choy, on Christmas Ball Vancouver
Two and a half weeks ago we celebrated our Christmas Ball at the Richmond Delta Pacific Resort Hotel
Preparing a function of this magnitude certainly was an easy task but our Ball Committee led by Mr. Adrian Fung (1985) performed a superb job. A big thank you to our Ball Chairman Mr. Adrian Fung (1985) and his committee for a job well done!

[2001/12/06] Email from: Mr. K.B.Ng, President of LSCOBA-Toronto (2001/12/06)
Dear Dear all:
Attached please find an electronic version of our latest newsletter. Click here.
Kindly note that the 1st page should in fact be read as the last page.
If you wish to receive a hard copy, please do not hesitate to request by return
e-mail or to with a mailing address.
As you will note, the next upcoming function will be the New Year's Eve dinner
to be held on December 31, 2001 at Century Palace Restaurant (Warden & Steeles)
at $45 per person with half price to those old boys who are still students.
Please make your reservation now. Do bring along your friends and family and guests.
Tickets are running out. You may reserve by return e-mail or to
or by fax to 905-475-2494 or to call me at 416-543-KBNG which is 543-5264.

[2001/11/25] Bro. Thomas, the Principal, greeted the old boys who came to support the School Football Teams' last Interschool A grade and B grade league games against fellow Lasallian School: St. Joseph's.
Mr. Paul Ng (1970), on the right, visitor from Vancouver Chapter, took time off to cheer the teams on a beautiful Sunday morning in Happy Valley. Paul also informed us that they will have their Annual Ball on 22nd December 2001.
On the left, we have Peter Yeung (1978) and children. Peter was a member of the School Football team during his schoolboy years. Guess who was the Interschool B grade manager at that time. The answer is right in front of you.

[2001/11/20] Email from: Mr. K.B.Ng, President of LSCOBA-Toronto (2001/11/08)
Dear fellow old boys:
We are pleased to advise that our web page has been updated - particularly with a completely new and contemporary look. Please visit us at
You will notice that the next upcoming function is New Year's Eve Dinner on December 31, 2001 at Century Palace at $45 per person (with half price for old boys who are full time students). See details at
Bring your family and friends and sing au lang sine with us. This is a family event. We shall have performance by our own la salle old boys and lots of exciting games.
We have also set up a Brotherhood program. Besides being social, we would like to be functional as well. See details at
If you have any questions in any particular areas, please drop us a note and see whether we or any other old boys may be able to help.
See you all soon!!
K.B.Ng (76)

[2001/11/05] Mr. George Y. Law visited the School and said Hello to the Principal, Bro. Thomas Lavin. Mr. George Law is currently the President of the San Francisco Chapter of the LSCOBA.

[2001/11/01] Lunch gathering of old teachers and staff. Do you know all of them? They are, from right to left, Mr. John Richard Lee, Mr. Chiu Siu Lai, Mr. John Au, Mr. Tsang Mui Cheung, Mr. Chan Kai Kin, Mr. Henry Lau, Mr. Peter Tse and Mr. Yik Kwan.

[2001/10/23] Mr. Chiu Siu Lai returned to Hong Kong and paid the School a visit. Together with Bro. Thomas Lavin, Bro. Patrick Tierney, Mr. Henry Lau and Mr. Yik Kwan they talked about old times and how Bro. Aimar called Mr. Chiu "clever boy".

[2001/10/20] Sam Mok (62) is a member of our Southern California chapter. "The President (of USA) intends to nominate Samuel T. Mok to be Chief Financial Officer at the Department of Labor." This is an assistant secetary position, Presidential appointed with Senate confirmation. He will take office before the end of the year. Source of info: Dobbin Lo. email received from K.B.Ng. from the Press Secretary, White House

[2001/09/23] '60-'61-'62 Old Boys Reunion
Day 1 - Saturday, 29 September 2001. 2:50 pm at Queen's Pier. Day trip to Lama Island.
Day 2 - Sunday, 30 September 2001. 7 pm Hakka "Basin" L in the Gym Gallery.
A good number of old boys attended the gathering. Old teachers were invited: Bro. Alohonsus Breen and Mr. Henry Lau. The special guests were: Bro. Thomas Lavin, the Principal and Mr. William Yan, Presient of the LSCOBA. Some old boys came all the way from America and brought with them presents to the School. It was a very warm and thoroughly enjoyable evening.

[2001/09/22] Mr. Chiu Siu Lai (left) taught in LSC from 1946 and retired in 1987.

"Over 40 years!" This is a record very few can beat. Just imagine the number of students he had for all these year. "Congratulations and many happy returns!"

The President of the Toronto Chapter, Mr. K.B.Ng wrote on 2001/09/22: "We had a great time last evening with Chiu's sir. There were 7 tables in total - all la salle boys - only with a few spouses. It was great fun. We had songs with lyrics specially changed for the occasion and la salle boys speaking out about Chiu's sir - including why he is called "Tai Pan Chiu". Attached is the photo of the souvenior and the presentation on the Principal, Bro. Thomas' behalf by Peter Leung our honorary president."

[2001/09/15] Email from: Mr. K.B.Ng, President of LSCOBA-Toronto (13th September 2001)
Dear fellow Lasallians:
Notwithstanding the recent tragedy in America, life must go on. The latest news is that the old boys in New York and vicinity are safe and well. The good news is that we have not heard any bad news yet. I am sure that our hearts and support are with them all the way. In the mean time, we have updated the Toronto chapter's web-site. Please check out including a report on our last Summer BBQ at
We wish to remind that Mr. Chiu's birthday party is scheduled for September 21, 2001. If you have not yet made a reservation, please do it now by return e-mail or to For details, please see: Hurry now!
The next upcoming function is a Paintball War Games for October 13, 2001. See
K.B.Ng (76) LSCOBA-Toronto

[Summer 2001] Mr. Michael Chan and Mr. Nicolas Ng in Canada
Mr. Peter Choi (1973) sent us this photograph showing the dinner gathering with the LSC oldboys in Canada, in the Summer of 2001.