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[PTA new web site] 2002/04/22
The LSC PTA had launched its own new web site. Click the address to visit.

[Parent Education Seminar] 2002/04/12 Mr. Lai Wai Lun 黎偉倫先生, Supervisor of Caritas Dr. & Mrs. Olinto De Sousa Family Service (Shatin) and Personal Growth Center for Men will talk to the parents. 明愛蘇沙伉儷家庭服務及男士成長中心主任
Topic 主題
The role of fathers in the 21st Century 廿一世紀現代父親的角色
Date 日期
Friday, 19th April 2002 二零零二年四月十九日(星期五)
Time 時間
6:30 pm to 9:00 pm 晚上六時半至九時正
Venue 地點
School Hall, LG2, La Salle College 喇沙書院禮堂
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[Form 1 & 2 Gathering] 2002/04/10 The following paragraph is taken from the letter to parents.
With the successful experience gained during the last few years, we have scheduled tea gatherings for separate forms so that parents of the same year can come together with the form teachers and school management to discuss issues that concerned us most. The date and venue for each gathering is as follows:
Venue:Covered Balcony Area outside Canteen/Gallery, LG1 , La Salle College
Date and Time:F. 1 Apr 20, 2002 (Sat) 2:30 p.m. --- 4:30 p.m.

F. 2 Apr 27, 2002 (Sat) 2:30 p.m. --- 4:30 p.m.

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[Form 3 Gathering] 2002/03/25 Form 3 Parent Teacher Gathering
The Parent Teacher Gathering will be held on Saturday, 2002/04/13 at 2 pm in the School Hall (LG2).
This Forum is jointly organized by the LSCPTA and the School with the intend to provide you with information on the choices of Science, Arts or Social Science in Form 4. Guest speakers from amongst teachers, senior-form students and old boys will share their experiences with parents and students of Form 3.
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Forthcoming Events 節目預告 2002/03/16
Education sub-com
The Sub-Com is preparing a talk on the role of parents, scheduled for mid April.
Deadline for submission of materials: 25th March 2002. Newsletter ready around April.
Reading Club
In the next meeting, 13th April 2002, the members will meet the Chinese Debate Team and share their experiences.
Social Activities Sub-Com
The Sub-Com is preparing a suitable activity, such as BBQ or short trip, in the near future.
The Saturday Badminton has just been resumed and the Sub-Com is scheduling the Parents Football games.
Support Group
Form 3 parents meeting: 2002/04/13
Form 1 parents meeting: 2002/04/20
Form 2 parents meeting: 2002/04/27

[4th LSCPTA Standing Committee Meeting] 2002/03/16 The Committee members discussed the following matters listed in the Agenda.

  • Chairperson's Report
  • Financial Report
  • Sub-committee Coordinators' Reports
  • 70th Anniversary - Open Day, Dinner
  • QAI preparations
  • Summer Program for Form 1 new comers and other programs
  • Date of next meeting: Saturday, 2002/05/24
[Sports Sub-com] 2002/03/06
Sports Sub-committee of the PTA resumes the badminton session this coming Satuday, 

March 9 for a period of 2 months until April 27. There will be no meeting on
March 23 (Anniversary dinner) and March 30 (Public Holiday). Interested parents
can contact Ms Sin at 27511979 for details.

[LSPS(PM) PTA Talk] 2002/02/26 The The PTA of LSPS(PM) has invited a renowned speaker on parental education, 梁天明博士 to conduct a talk on " Child Development" on 1st March 2002 at the evening. All parents from LSCPTA are welcome.

日期:	三月一日(星期五)
時間:	晚上六時三十分
地點:	雷治強禮堂

[Open Day: Stall Games] 2002/02/03 The PTA ran several Stalls in the football field on the Open Day.

[Open Day: Greatest Hug] 2002/02/03 Parents taking part in breaking the Guiness World Record of the Greatest Hug.


[Reading Club: Letter to Parents] 2002/02/01 The 4th Reading Club gathering is an outdoor activity for the boys. It's the Theatre Infinity organized by The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. The details are as follows:

Date:       2002/03/02 Saturday
Time:       8:30 a.m.
Assembly:   La Salle College
Dress Code: Causal wear
Fee:        $30

[70th Anniversary Dinner] 2002/01/29 To celebrate the 70th Anniversary of La Salle College, the LaSallian Family is going to have a very spectacular event - the La Salle College 70th Anniversary Dinner -- to mark this very special occasion. The dinner is hosted by La Salle College, La Salle Primary School (AM) and La Salle Primary School (PM) with La Salle College Old Boys' Association (LSCOBA) as the leading organiser; and La Salle College Parent Teacher Association, La Salle Primary School (AM) Parent Teacher Association and La Salle Primary School (PM) Parent Teacher Association as the co-organisers.
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    §   Chinese Letter to Parents, click here.
    §   Table Reservation and Advertisement Forms in English and Chinese, click here.

[Third LSCPTA Standing Committee Meeting] 2002/01/25 The Committee members discussed the following matters listed in the Agenda.

  • Chairperson's Report
  • Financial Report
  • Sub-committee Coordinators' Reports
  • 70th Anniversary - Open Day, Dinner
  • QAI preparations
  • Date of next meeting: Saturday, 2002/03/16

[Reading Club 3rd Meeting] 2002/01/12 Mr Mak Chau (麥秋), renown drama director, took time off to be the guest speaker for the Third Meeting of the Reading Club. ...more

[70th Anniversary Celebrations] 2002/01/10
The PTA will set up Stall Games in the Open Day. We are in need of prizes and souvenirs. Parents' generous donations are greatly appreciated. The following letters were sent to the parents and you can download them here.
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[F2 and F4 & above Tea Gathering] 2001/11/14
Two more tea gatherings with Parents are arranged. Please click to read the letters to parents below.
Form 2 Tea Gathering 2001/11/24 2:30-4:00 pm.
Form 4 and above Tea Gathering 2001/12/01 2:30-4:00 pm.
    §   Chinese Letter (text file), click here.
    §   English Letter (text file), click here.

[Reading Club 2nd Meeting] 2001/11/10] Miss Agatha Ngai, Assistant Editor, Young Post and Miss Victoria Chan, Sales and Promotion Executive, from South China Morning Post were the guest speakers for the Second Meeting of the Reading Club. ...more

[First Committee Meeting] 2001/11/01 The following were elected office bearers and project co-ordinators.
Office Bearers
ChairpersonMr. Patrick Chan (P)
Vice ChairpersonsMr. K.C. Ng (P), Mr. Peter Chiu (T)
Hon. SecretariesEnglish: Mr. C.C. Chiu (P) Chinese: Mr. W.H. Lau (T)
Hon. TreasurerMr. Colin Ngan (P)
Hon. Assistant TreasurerMr. Paul Ngai (OBA)
Committee Members (P)Mr. Gorden Leung, Mr. Chung Sau Wah, Mrs. Canny Lau,
Mrs. Coral Yee, Mrs. Jennifer Sou, Mr. Peter Yung.
Committee Members (T)Miss Wan Siu Lin, Mr. Abraham Ng, Mr. Yik Kwan,
Miss Cecilia Tang, Mr. Chan Tong, Mr. Joseph Chung.
Team Coordinators
EducationMrs. Canny Lau
MembershipMr. Chung Sau Wah
PublicationMr. Peter Chiu
Reading ClubMr. Chiu Chi Chung
Social ActivitiesMrs. Coral Yee
SportsMr. Peter Yung
Student RelationsMr. Chan Tong
SupportMrs. Jennifer Sou

[Annual General Meeting] 2001/10/26 After the welcome speech by the Principal and the minutes of the last AGM, the Annual Report and the Audited Financial Report were received, the Election of the committee members began. Each candidate was given two minutes to introduce oneself. During the counting of the votes, parents and teachers were treated to Yang Qin Solo and award winning Radio Drama.
This was followed by the Presentation of Progress Awards. It was no surprise when Mr. Patrick Chan was declared the Chairperson for another year. The date of the first committee meeting was set at 1st November 2001 at 7 pm.

[Study Tour] 2001/10/25 It's the 9th day of the 9th Moon and a Public Holiday. About 60 parents, students, teachers and the Principal Bro. Thomas boarded two buses and headed for Shenzhen. ...more.

[Form 1 Parent-Teacher Gathering] 10/20 began in the Large Lecture Theatre with speeches. Then the parents talked to the Form Teachers in the classrooms. This was followed by tea-break and ended with a Sharing Session with the Principal.

[Workshop] 10/20 Second Mind Map Workshop was held in the Multi-purpose Room at 9:30 am. ...more.

[Reading Club] 10/20 The First Meeting of the Reading Club was held today at 9:00 am in the Large Lecture Theatre. ...details.

[Workshop] 10/11 Two Mind Map Workshops are scheduled. ...more.

[Study Tour] 10/10 The Study Tour to a school in Shenzhen, 深圳實驗中學, is scheduled for 2001/10/25. About 40 parents, teachers and students will start the tour at 7:30 am and will be back around 4:00 pm.

[Reading Club] 10/09 Photographs taken in the Reading Club Tutor/Helper Meeting Click here.

[8th AGM] 10/05 The 8th Annual General Meeting of the LSCPTA will be held on Friday, 2001/10/26 in the School Hall at 7 pm.
    §   A copy of the Agenda, 第八屆(2001至2002)週年大會 議程: Click here, 讀取.
    §   A copy of the circular to parents. Click here.
    §   第八屆(2001至2002)週年大會 致家長會議通知書. 讀取.

[Gathering] 10/05 Form 1 Parent Teacher Gathering
The Parent Teacher Gathering will be held on Saturday, 2001/10/20 at 2 pm in the Large Lecture Theatre (LG2).
    §   A copy of the Circular, Click here.
    §   中一家長教師座談會 致家長通知書 讀取.

[Workshop] 10/03 Mind Map Workshop Letter to parents, introducing the exercise. ...more.

[Sports] 09/21 Badminton Session
The Badminton Session will meet regularly every Saturday evening starting from October onwards (except public holiday). Two sections are scheduled for a day, 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm and 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm.
    §   For details get the circular in both Chinese and English. Click here.
    §   家長羽毛球興趣小組 致家長中英文通告 讀取

[Reading Club] 09/18 Join the Reading Club ...details.

[Talk] 09/14 Dr. Sylvia Chen 陳嘉璐醫生 gave a talk to the parents, teachers and students in the School Hall on "Skills in handling emotions to achieve win-win situations". She commanded attention from the audience. She was humourous and related relevent events from her vast experience. She quoted extensively from the Bible and drew great responses from the floor. Her talk started the first event organised by the PTA in this School year.

[Reading Club] 09/12 Reading Club: Recruitment of Parent Volunteers ...details.